طبق كاسرول Chef de France Essential من Tefal - أحمر - B3135262

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رقم الموديل: B3135262
اللون: أحمر
النوع: كاسرول
المميزات الخاصة: طبقة مانعة للإلتصاق 100%

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The high-quality anti-adhesion coating is extra durable and resilient due to the mineral layer. Tefal ESSENTIAL: easy to use a range that helps you get perfect results every day! Tefal ESSENTIAL is part of a range of ideal pizzas for beginners who want to cook fast and get delicious results every day. This easy-to-use range is designed to increase your cooking potential to the highest possible level for perfect results that are as easy as possible. The comfort offered by the PowerGlide anti-stick coating combines with its ergonomic design to offer the perfect package for any beginner. PERFECT RESULTS WITH MINIMUM EFFORT!

Delivering optimal results for everyday solutions, Tefal ESSENTIAL is part of a range of ideal anti-stick pans for beginners designed to help you make delicious recipes without any effort! Designed from high quality materials, perfect for everyday use, TEFAL ESSENTIAL offers an easier and more efficient cooking experience. Powerglide coating ensures easier use and cleaning. Thermo-Spot becomes completely red when the pan has reached its ideal temperature for use, guaranteeing the perfect texture, color and taste for delicious, savory meals every day.


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Global Details
رقم الموديلB3135262
عدد القطع1

Battery & Flash light
المقاس26 cm
اسم المجموعةChef de France Essential