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Jad Luban Infused with Lavender Bakhoor Incense (80 grams)

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Fill your home with Jad's Luban Bakhoor to add a luxurious lavender touch that will enchant all of your guests until the end of your occasion. It has an Arabian bakhoor smell that quickly spreads and lasts for a long time, the ideal gift for a special someone.

  • Type: Bakhoor
  • Fragrance notes: Lavender
  • Form: Luban
  • Wight: 80 grams
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About Jad:

Jad is a local brand that celebrates the beauty of the Arabian identity with scents for oneself and surroundings.

Where there is scent there is happiness:

What sparks joy in your soul? Some will say family, friends, or memories. However, scientists say Smell and memory are closely linked: “Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance.” - C Poindexter. Therefore, Jad presents you Luban Infused with Lavender Bakhoor Incense. Luban (Resins) is a form of bakhoor that comes from refined trees and plant sap.

Lavender embodies the saying, “Love more, worry less.” It helps you relax, calm your nerves, and provide you with a pleasant scent. The bakhoor comes with an elegant clear bottle made of glass, an aluminum lid, a woody spoon, and a velvet bag. This Arabian bakhoor is specially designed to be easier to burn for long times and offers an attractive and remarkable Lavender smell to every corner of your house.

Bakhoor in the Arabian Culture 

There is a strong relationship between bakhoor and the Arabian culture. It is considered to be a common gesture by passing bakhoor among visitors so that they can scent their hair or hands, and It is important as serving coffee and dates. This aromatic ingredient comes from the most expensive tree in the world and it is admired by many, because of its soft and unique fragrant which is created after it is burned. Many people use it for a variety of reasons, including to scent their houses, clothes, and even for their everyday routine. Bakhoor comes in different forms like muttar, mamool, mabsoos, and mabthooth.


  • A very rich blend and long-lasting aroma 

  • The elegant shape of the packaging 

  • The perfect gift to family and friends 

  • It releases rich, fragrant, and long-lasting incense using a small amount


  • Adds atmosphere to your home

  • The perfect choice on various occasions 

  • Eliminates unpleasant scents.

  • The aroma of small amount will fill the corners of your space

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Global Details
Weight80 Grams
Product ColorBrown

Battery & Flash light
Collection NameLuban Infused with Lavender

Home Decor
Decor TypeBakhoor

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