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Jad Mabsoos Al Sakhaa Bakhoor (30 grams)

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Jad Mabsoos incense will perfectly fill your house with unique aromatic smells; it has been carefully designed with best types of oud and oriental scents to reflect your refined taste. It’s going to be your all-time favorite incense that will be suitable for all your occasions. 

  • ype: Bakhoor
  • Collection name: Al Sakhaa
  • Form: Mabsoos (A mixture of powdered bakhoor combined with wood oil and natural scented oils)
  • Weight: 30 grams
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About Jad 

Jad is a local brand that celebrates the beauty of the Arabian identity with scents for oneself and surroundings.

Authenticity and Generosity

Honoring guests is one of the noble manners that our beloved Prophet (PBUH) commanded us to do towards each other as humans, as he said “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, should be generous to his guest”. Therefore, people always seek to purchase the best kinds of bakhoor to get an elegant aroma that fills the hearts of people with warmth during happy occasions and makes them feel welcomed and comfortable. That's why Jad has created This Mabsoos (A mixture of powdered bakhoor combined with wood oil and natural scented oils) with a strong scent that is enough to vaporize in every part of your house. The bakhoor also comes in a beautifully designed box with a plush bag to make it the perfect choice as a gift to a friend or a relative. It will surely impress everyone with its sophisticated smell.

Bakhoor in the Arabian Culture 

There is a strong relationship between the bakhoor and Arabian culture. It is considered to be a common gesture by passing bakhoor among visitors so that they can scent their hair or hands, and it is important as serving coffee and dates. This aromatic ingredient comes from the most expensive tree in the world and it is admired by many, because of its soft and unique fragrance which is created after it is burned. Many people use it for a variety of reasons, including to scent their houses, and clothes, and even for their everyday routine after bathing. Bakhoor comes in different forms like muttar, mamool, mabsoos, and mabthooth.


  • A very rich blend and long-lasting aroma 

  • The elegant shape of the packaging 

  • The perfect gift to family and friends 

  • It releases rich, fragrant, and long-lasting incense using a small amount


  • Adds atmosphere to your home

  • The perfect choice on various occasions 

  • Eliminates unpleasant scents.

  • The aroma of a small amount will fill the corners of your space

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Global Details
Product ColorMulticolored

Battery & Flash light
Collection NameMabsoos Al Sakhaa

Home Decor
Decor TypeBakhoor

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