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Manasek Pack-of-3 Foldable Prayer Mat with Back Rest Combo (Royal Blue, Dark Gray & Light Purple)

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This is Manasek Prayer Mat with Back Rest Support. It is suitable for all ages and especially the elderly, who need complete rest. They can sit on them and recline on the backrest for their convenience or during the prayer for those who cannot stand praying. It is practical and easy to use. It is also portable for travel trips.

  • Type: Prayer Mat with Back Rest
  • High-Quality Material
  • Dimension: 55x110cm
  • Color: Royal Blue, Dark Gray, Light Purple
  • No. of Pieces: 3
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About Manasek
Manasek refers to the entire set of Muslim rites and ceremonies. So, Manasek is a local brand that aims to be your companion during your holy times. Where it meets all of your prayer and worship needs with the highest quality and most beautiful designs.

Worship with Peace and Comfort

Prayer mat and backrest at once! What an idea.

The need for a comfortable prayer mat has arisen as our lifestyles have changed. So prayer mats have been designed to accommodate our needs, particularly those related to health. In "The poet of love," the significance of the prayer rug is beautifully captured. Nizar Qabbani (1923-1998), who said in his Damascus, What Are You Doing to Me: "And from my mother's prayer rug/That first taught me/The path to God...".

Focusing on the comfort of your back and your knees

Try out this multipurpose prayer mat and enjoy a comfortable prayer. Easily convertible from a regular prayer mat to a backrest mat, it has the advantage of being practical. As you listen to religious lectures or spend time in prayer and worship, it relieves pressure on your back, and you will be able to pray without getting tired or fatigued. This premium prayer mat is made from very high quality materials to last, and has an Ideal size to pray comfortably.


  • A well-crafted piece provides a complete rest while praying
  • Suitable for all ages especially the elderly, who need complete rest
  • Feature a practical design
  • It folds easily for portability in travel and trips and anywhere
  • Made from high quality materials
  • With its unique design and beautiful colour combination, this mat has a lot to offer
  • Allows you to make soujoud longer without getting any irritation on your forehead or knees


  • It is padded with memory foam, which relieves pressure on the knees and back
  • By absorbing weight and reducing pressure on various points in the body, the mats provide relief
  • Durable materials ensure a lifetime of use
  • Designed in ideal sizes to provide you with a wide praying area

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