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Manasek Providence Square Bag Prayer Mat (Turquoise Blue)

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Want to encourage your kids to pray? Buy this Child Prayer Mat from Manasek that is specially made for kids. By purchasing this Prayer Mat your kid will get more attached to practicing Islamic rituals and prayer. Never hesitate in adding a beautiful touch to your kid’s room decoration that will increase their spirituality.

  • Type: Prayer mat
  • Material: Shanil 
  • Dimension: 69 x 113 cm
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About Manasek

Manasek refers to the entire set of Muslim rites and ceremonies. So, Manasek is a local brand that aims to be your companion during your holy times. Where it meets all of your prayer and worship needs with the highest quality and most beautiful designs.

Encourage your kids to pray!

Our prophet Mohammed (pbuh) commanded us to teach our kids how to pray, as he said in the prophetic speech “command your children to perform Salat when they are seven years old”. This shows the importance of learning Salat at a young age; and that’s why Manasek has created this impressive child prayer mat that blends spirituality with comfort and the beauty of antique colors, making it the ideal choice if you are thinking of a gift for your kids when they start performing salat. You also can match the prayer mat with their bedroom by choosing colors that fit the room decoration perfectly.


  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Made out of high quality Memory foam 
  • Soft textile and Comfortable in use
  • High-heat and moisture resistance
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Decorated with attractive colors
  • Comes in an appropriate size for kids


  • appropriate size to be carried everywhere
  • The colors used are neutral
  • The Memory foam provides you with comfort by distributing the pressure on the body parts evenly
  • The bright colors which add an attractive touch to home decoration
  • It increases kids’ spirituality with its soft texture and comfortability
  • Due to its flexibility, the prayer mat is adaptable anywhere and is easy to use
  • The size of the prayer mat is accurate to kids’ dimension
  • The prayer mat is highly comfortable and it is suitable for prayer and after prayer rituals

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Prayer Mats
Prayer Mat ColorTurquoise
Dimension69 x 113 cm
Model NumberMNSK_43
Prayer Mat BrandManasek
Prayer mats MaterialShanil

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Item TypePrayer Mats