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Min Maadan Alensan Lava Beads & Jute Tassel Diffuser Subha

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This Subha is beautifully made by Min Maadan Alensan with high-quality materials, to help Muslims keep tracking their tasbih count. It is designed with selectively chosen Lava Beads that have the quality of preserving scents, which works as a reminder of how goodness spreads like beautiful scents. 

  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Lava Beads, Jute Tassel
  • Type: Diffuser Subha
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About Min Maadan Alensan

Is a locally designed product line of Shababuna. It serves as a reminder of moral and social awareness. The line is inspired by mankind’s good nature that urges us to strive to better ourselves and lead a life that is aligned with Islamic values.

Its significance in Islam

Our Islamic religion urges us to do a lot of Allah remembrance (Dhikr), due to its significant impact to strengthen our relationship with Allah and gain more rewards. Therefore, Min Maadan Alensan has made these wonderful Subhas to help Muslims to keep track of their tasbih count, as it is one of our spiritual rituals that has an immediate calming effect on our mind and body, as well as removing negative thoughts: “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” (Quran 13:28).

Elegant Design

Although Subhas can differ in style or decorative flourishes, they all have certain similar design elements. Most of the time, Subha either has 33 round beads or 99 round beads divided into three groups. The colors of the beads are often constant along a single strand but can vary between sets. Besides that, this Subha will be the perfect choice for a gift to family or friends, due to its well-designed unique packaging.

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ClassDiffuser Subha

Global Details
Item TypeSubha

Jewelry MaterialLava Stone, Jute