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Min Maadan Alensan Precious Stones & Wooden Beads Remembrance Subha

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(Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.) (Qur'an 13: 28).

As Remembrance of Allah is His paradise on earth, we got inspired by this verse of Quraan, the idea of this Subha (Remembrance Subha). It is made out of 90 beads created for the remembrance of Allah; where the heart finds peace and serenity. This premium Subha is made from very high quality and long-lasting materials, which contain also thoughtful detailing. 

  • Color: Brown and silver-toned
  • Precious stone type: Mapstone  
  • Material: 30 precious stones + 60 wooden beads + wooden pendant
  • Type: Remembrance Subha 
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About Min Maadan Alensan

Is a locally designed product line of Shababuna. It serves as a reminder of moral and social awareness. The line is inspired by mankind’s good nature that urges us to strive to better ourselves and lead a life that is aligned with Islamic values.

Its significance in Islam

Prayer beads, or "Subha" in Arabic, have been a part of Islamic culture since long time. Recording the frequency of specific prayers and invocations was the original purpose of the Subha. The Subha as we know it now emerged in India in the second century of Islam, despite the fact that the beads were non-existent during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or his companions. 


Although Subhas can differ in style or decorative flourishes, they all have certain similar design elements. Most of the time, Subha either has 33 round beads or 90 round beads divided into three groups. The beginning of recitations is frequently indicated with a larger, leader bead and a tassel at one end. The color of the beads is often constant along a single strand but can vary between sets.

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ClassRemembrance Subha
ColourBrown, Silver-Toned

Global Details
Item TypeSubha

Jewelry MaterialWood, Precious Stones

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