Tablets have successfully replaced laptops and other computers because of how portable and easy it is to carry around. Buying a tablet is a good investment as it does the same thing as a bulky computer minus the bulkiness. 

 No matter where you are, and what you’re doing, if you buy a tablet, you can get things done in seconds. They’re your personal banks, alarm clocks and entertainers. Putting it in one sentence -these devices are literally like your personal assistants. Most tablets available in the market doesn’t need keyboard and mouse as they have a full touch screen.

 Tablets are loaded with features that give you computer benefits with easy portability. You can choose from among three operating systems for your tablet: Windows, iOS, or Android. Apple's tablets use iOS; the current version is iOS 10. Samsung's Galaxy Book uses Windows 10, as do other Windows-based tablets. Tablets feature cameras (both rear and front) which can click good photos and shoot nice videos.

In addition, the Bluetooth option helps in connecting headphones and speakers so that you can wirelessly watch movies, play games, and enjoy your music.

 A tablet's capabilities are in large part determined by its operating system. Tablets are quickly becoming streamlined replacements for bulkier computers and laptops. Some people use tablets for portable entertainment; others use them as a tool for staying productive on the go. Tablets continue to help us shop, order food, banking, booking tickets, sending gifts and everything else under the sun with a single click.

 Branded Tablets include Apple, Lenovo, Huawei, Alcatel among others.