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Wearables or wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness watches, activity trackers, etc. are the latest entrants in the field of electronic devices. Wearables not only perform basic tasks of computing as laptops or mobile devices, but it has also surpassed hand-held device by providing users with sophisticated features such as tracking their biological functions like heart-rate, calories burned among others. 

The effect of these devices is extensive and they are quite powerful especially in the field of fitness, health, and education among others. The concept of wearable technology has been there for quite some time, however its implementation on a large scale has still not been very successful unlike smartphones.

Wearable technology includes exciting new technologies, like fitness bands, wearable cameras, smart watch phones, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking devices. These devices can be worn daily or during a workout to record your progress. Available in various sizes and colours, you can buy wearable devices that suit your style.